Improvement Empowering Solution

A cloud technology platform created for maximizing operational equipment efficiency in manufacturing.


We offer managers and owners of companies a reliable alternative for monitoring and controlling internal resources to optimize their processes and achieve maximum profitability with minimum investment.

CIXO Skeleton synthesizes the best practical experience and know-how in manufacturing processes and services.

Service model implies the use of a platform that supports the excellence of the operation with a minimum investment, only requires very focused prior training in the use of the tool.

CIXO Skeleton is the best way to measure, control and optimize processes, with a high return on investment enhancing the resources that each company has.

Our Value Proposal

Our offering goes beyond the sale of tools and offers personalized support once the tools have been deployed in the organization's operations.

  • 1.Ease of use of SaaS

    UX is key to understanding and taking advantage of our service. Reports and results are easily obtained according to the parameters established by our clients..

  • Our service is hosted in the cloud allowing for wider connectivity. We also guarantee that our clients' information remains confidential and their data is secure.

  • We adapt to each client's processes to ensure operational excellence. We help clients capitalize on opportunities based on their reports and performance.

  • For additional functionality, the possibility of growing the system using add-ons will be open to clients.



We are more than software, we offer a complete business solution.


Our platform allows you to monitoring and generating the insigths to detect opportunities in your operation and deploy the actions required to operational excellence.

Process optimization

The use of the platform is a starting point to generate discipline in the execution of operational activities of the company that results in a greater focus on activities of greater value.

CI Community

Access to a professional network where you can find best practices and business cases related to Continous Improvement and grow your business skills.

Training & Certification

Quick and practical courses to learn step by step everything you need to know about how to use our platform and be implemented in your company.

Get a Demo

We're working hard to launch our platform and soon our support team will be ready to show you how easy to use and powerful is our solution. By the moment you could be added to a waiting list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions about our solution. Please contact us if you need more information.

  • Is CIXO Skeleton suitable for any manufacturing company, regardless of size?

    CIXO Skeleton fits well with ANY SIZE manufacturing company, its configuration design allows for it to be tailored to any kind of structure and complexity.

  • The intuitive design of CIXO Skeleton, makes it easy for the user to hit the ground running when using it. A key component during implementation will be a good representation of the actual way the manufacturing system should work.

  • A basic requirement for a successful implementation of CIXO Skeleton is a clear set of rules specified for every area within the manufacturing system. CIXO Skeleton’s implementation process will provide you with a basic framework that will allow any company to detect inconsistent sets of rules, forcing the company to clarify which ones should be eliminated, clarified, or modified, in such a way that a very consistent set of rules will prevail, facilitating the system to work smoothly.

    If assistance is required to guide this process an expert can be assigned for support during the CIXO Skeleton implementation phase.

  • The key for CIXO Skeleton operation is the follow up of what we know as “Monitored Node”, or MN. A MN is any unit to be reported, either individually, which is the lowest level reporting entity, such as a single machine or a single production line; or as an aggregate entity, such as a department, cell, area, or division, each of them containing groups of lower level MNs.

    At the end of a shift, reports will be generated per every MN (machine, cell, line, group, area, department, division) within the manufacturing system, resembling the way a company is structured.

  • CIXO Skeleton will provide timely alerts when any operational issues arise, in such a way that key agents can be called to assist and correct any deviations. CIXO Skeleton prompts for action all levels in the managerial ladder starting with the rank and file, all the way up to plant director, in a predefined fashion and according to the type of problem faced.

    If after the event, system performance fell short of a good response, the system includes an action item register which keeps track of all actions triggered during, and after, the event and helps the team to converge on containing, mitigating, preventing, and corrective actions, and it also can evaluate the impact of those actions.

    Finally, an evaluation of the effectiveness of the team (creativity, resolution, discipline), both as a group and individually can be made through a review of the action register and the consequences of each action.

  • CIXO Skeleton charges based on MNs within the system, every MN included in CIXO Skeleton can be associated to 3 users each, and bundles of 5 MNs, each MN associated with as much as 3 users will be charged $8,000 per annum, 50% paid annually and 50% paid monthly. If a given MN requires more than 3 users, every additional user will be charged $50 monthly.

  • CIXO Skeleton works in the cloud in an AWS platform which is completely locked and protected by AWS technical capabilities against hackers. AWS will be our provider in internet security.

    Clients are owners of their information and reports, and nobody else has access to any company’s information.

  • Clients will have the option to erase their data at will, or download all data they have input to the system to their own databases. After a grace period, the system will automatically erase all information of any client not renewing their services.


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